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Dannecker, Barry:re-post.
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Barry Carpenter
2 posts
Apr 18, 2017
8:35 AM
Sounds like I got people in an uproar, anyway I forgot I posted this but I will address some comments. Gold plating is worthless I know I have solid gold coins. My point was: every time I research harmonicas price comes up soon. I play several different musicial instruments that cost more than a harmonica and when I research them, price isn't mentioned so much. Let me say that I'm on a fixed income about $1600.00 a month and live in California, not cheap. I've owned several different brands of harmonicas. I've never had any one to play with so I play the lead notes in a song. Christelle Berthon is my go to artist. I have several Seydels and if I were to buy a set of keys I would get Crossovers. I'm looking at getting a Seydel Zircular (spelling?) because I want note for note true octaves from 1-10. I do like quality you can't tell the difference between a Zirconia or Diamond but there is a difference. I'm into guns and a Colt 1911 out of the box is Great but you can tighten groups and make it a Race gun. That's what Dannecker did, in my opinion. By the way, I spent $325.00 for a chrome Centurion and he sent a gold one. Time and parts factor. Estabon and Keith Urban (how ever you spell them) push $250.00 guitars on tv and play them well. I also know that many old time harmonica players back in the day didn't have much money and played what they could get.
Nobody is telling me anything I don't already know but I do know this my Dannecker is far superior to my Crossovers and Seydels. Plays like butter, feels good in my hands and mustache friendly. ...so, that's the name of that tune.
2550 posts
Apr 19, 2017
2:40 PM
too much money Barry, to be honest OTB harps are pretty damn good now, and I have been well ripped off by Danneker years ago
4634 posts
Apr 19, 2017
7:40 PM
I don't really know what you're talking about but i gather you posted something in praise of danneker harps sometime.
if you'd tagged your 2nd post on the end of the thread you began with your 1st post it would probably make more sense for continuity.

I tried making a harp from butter, and it just melted in my mouth.
476 posts
Apr 20, 2017
11:33 AM
I believe this is the post Barry is referring to:

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