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Suzuki Warranty  Question Please.
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Apr 13, 2017
5:25 PM
Howzit everyone,

A guy I 'm doing some work for has a Suzuki Promaster.
It looks like a near exact copy of Hohners pre-MS Meisterklasse but has spot welded reeds.

It is very defective. The anodized aluminum comb is NOT flat. The low draw notes are really weak and the three draw is loose. Also, I suspect the 3 draw spot weld didn't take. I played and disassembled and reassembled the entire harp and came to these conclusions using shims and hook tool and straight edge. You can actually hear the air. :-) I make fine harps so I know my way around. It would cost him a packet for me to fix all these problems.

My questions are as follows. The harp was bought new from Amazon.com three months ago. Does Amazon honor Suzuki's return policy? If not can a person go to a Suzuki dealer or Suzuki U.S.A to get a replacement harp? Also, Since the Manji is the same price but out performs Promasters by a country mile could he exchange it for a Manji? Mahalo to first responders and any responders.
Aloha, Mark

PS. Neither here nor there. The Manji would be a great harp if they improved the cover plate's strength and got rid of the spot welding nonsense. Oh, as Eugene Ivanov says, "The comb looks like soap, Russian soap." :-)
Have good day. M.A.P.

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Apr 13, 2017
8:08 PM
Hey, that's me!
Some harps sold by Amazon (let's be clear, THRU Amazon) are not covered under the US warranty because they were bought from a source other than the US company. I had to break that bad news to a customer today.
The way to proceed is to call 800-854-9389 and have a copy of your receipt available. They ask for it, and if you bought from a domestic dealer, you get a one year warranty.
No exchanges and not really very many replacements since I took the job a few years ago, I usually just fix what's wrong. Sometimes it's not cost effective so I go with new reed plates, but most of the time it's not an exchange for a new unit.
Hey, I won the award for promptness!

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Apr 19, 2017
1:26 PM

And I win the award for being an inconsiderate slowpoke space case cuz I done 4got about this topic.
Brazilian dude doesn't have receipt so I think I'll see if he wants to send it to you.

Have good day. M.A.P.
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Apr 20, 2017
7:51 AM
Hi Mark!

Promasters would be a great harp if not for the comb. Aluminum combs are almost never flat and the anodized coating prevents you from flattening them. It peels off over time, too!

Promasters really clean up well, though.

I can offer you a deal on a comb if you like. Or the next time you order from Rockin Ron, ask him to thrown an extra Suzuki comb in for free (I'll send him an extra one). Once you do your magic on the low holes reed shape, it should be a killer!



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Apr 20, 2017
9:55 AM
I have not yet taken the plunge on combs, but do happen to be working on a set of ProMasters here at work.
The combs all seem fine--I have done some flat sanding of draw plate and a little reed plate bending--embossing, gapping, and I am tuning them all to JI as per the desires of the customer.
So we do have an extraordinary warranty policy here at Suzuki--but you gotta have that receipt . . .

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Apr 20, 2017
5:37 PM
Howzit Andrew, I've noticed how you improve on existing tools or come up w/ new ones. The F tool is a not something I've seen.
I really like your combs but I'm loyal to Blue Moon. I like my personal gear SP/20 combs
to not be recessed. If BM is out of stock of non recessed SP/20 combs....and this is sometime far in the future, I'll look you up. I need one of your F tools more than combs and I'm getting some toys from BM already. I have to say I love the GM combs you sent me a few years ago. I still use them. They are on my Bluegrass harps for when I have to play super, super, fast and OB too. Even though MB types are generally thought superior OB harps I'm fond of GMs for that technique.

I can OB or OD and set them up but I only OB because of the shrill sound of ODs. I OD on my Low C Echo Vamper and my low tuned 364 and 365 MBs. It is far more pleasing to these dog ears of mine to hear/play them on low harps. I worked on an Eb Hohner Thunderbird once. I changed it to a maj7th or something. I wasn't happy to do it cuz Thuderbirds are gorgeous stock harmonicas but you have to give the customer what they want. Aloha
Have good day. M.A.P.

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Apr 20, 2017
5:53 PM
Howzit Gnarly!

As it turns out the customer DOES have his invoice, so I gave him the number you supplied. We'll see what happens.
Thank you!

I asked you if we could be pals on F book so you'll find a message from me w/ my e-mail enclosed. I wasn't sure of your name so I asked you when I could have easily looked at your MBH profile. All said I'd like to refer all Suzuki defects to you. Also, I prefer to communicate using e-mail over all else except phone calls or speaking face to face.

AS an aside- If you are sitting together w/ a customer you can make a harp play EXACTLY as he wants it to play because you can pass the harp back and forth and adjust every single reed to his/her every whim.
Have good day. M.A.P.

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