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where do you get your harmonica's from
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Popculture Chameleon
195 posts
Apr 12, 2017
3:59 AM
Sound off below on where you get your haps from- I have heard everything from guitar center to amazon- whats your favorite harp dealer
1975 posts
Apr 12, 2017
5:42 AM
Rockin Ron's and MandoHarp here in Oz. I scooped a 5 pack of Marine Bands from Amazon for a very good price once too.
BronzeWailer's YouTube
1789 posts
Apr 12, 2017
5:55 AM
Rockin Ron's and sometimes Amazon when they have closeouts. Blue moon if I spot a pre war I can afford
809 posts
Apr 12, 2017
7:45 AM
Rockin Ron's. I did cheat on him a little and got some EastTop diatonics from Amazon, though. I feel guilty.
9426 posts
Apr 12, 2017
1:05 PM
Rockin Ron's, unless I happen to be in a music store when the itch strikes. (I like giving business to the local shope, Drome Sound, but they don't have a great selection).

Edit- philosophy... I just ordered an east top from him today.

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1457 posts
Apr 12, 2017
1:12 PM
Rockin Ron's.
Really no need for anyone to post further.
ted burke
546 posts
Apr 12, 2017
1:24 PM
I have to admit that I'm a Rockin Ron loyalist. Besides being a genuinely nice guy, his selection is quite good, his service is some of the best I've ever gotten from an etailer, and his prices are competitive. Sometimes I stray if I see a close out on harps elsewhere , but Ron gets the vast majority of my business.
Ted Burke

Steve Harvell
223 posts
Apr 12, 2017
1:48 PM
90% from Rocking Ron....5% from Blue Moon Harmonicas and I buy Swan Chromatic Harmonicas on Amazon, would get the Chromatic Swans from Ron if he carried them...

I have a 16 hole Swan that plays like a dream for $57.50

and a 10 hole Swan Chromatic for $25.99

The Swan Chromatics are awesome....for the price cannot be beat and I have been playing chromatics for 25 years :)
343 posts
Apr 12, 2017
2:03 PM
I buy from the same local guy that I get most of my gear from, and he techs. I wanna keep him in business. I just show him the online prices and he gets as close as he can to 'em.
Harp Study
236 posts
Apr 12, 2017
5:02 PM
Rockin Rons. He is awesome!
2281 posts
Apr 12, 2017
6:26 PM
Ron's mostly. Great guy and excellent businessman!



Chris L
166 posts
Apr 12, 2017
6:57 PM
Musician's Web Store Hamilton, Ontario! Best on line source in Canada.
1958 posts
Apr 12, 2017
9:17 PM
I am fortunate to live close enough to Rockin Ron to stop by and pick up gear from him in person. I have sent a couple of harps I original got from Ron to Joe Spiers. Now that I have a engineering job again, I will probably be sending more harps to Joe, and have Tom ship him blue moon combs to put them back together with. Unfortunately, I don't earn enough playing harmonica to stay outfitted in Blues Bands, muck less customs! ;-)

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305 posts
Apr 13, 2017
4:37 AM
Anybody use "Harp Depot"?


Watch Jaybird play harp!
564 posts
Apr 13, 2017
6:04 AM
Jaybird: I use to buy from Harp Depot. The were located in Marion Ohio, in an old school building. I drive by there twice a week. They went through some troubled times and I haven't heard much about them for awhile. Nice enough guys and I see Robert at Danny G's party in July. Maybe someone else can commit.
I try to support Greg Jones!!!!
And I Thank You !!
1399 posts
Apr 13, 2017
7:26 AM
In the past I used F. R. Farrell's, then Harp House, Harp Depot, then Coast to Coast, but those changed hands or closed, or suffered reliability issues.

On occasion I have shopped sales on Amazon or Musician's Friend. Eezyreeder sells on ebay, and is a good source of Hering parts.

At SPAH and other events I have bought Manjis and Easttops from Danny G. (New Harmonica). I bought a comb from Blue Moon. SPAH is a great place to check out what is available. Greg Heumann is usually there, too.

But almost all of the time in recent years my go-to harp and harp equipment supplier is Rockin' Ron's, a vendor I heard about HERE, on MBH. I like his storefront interface with PayPal.

RR provides fast and reliable service with good communication, all the time!

Doug S.

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Owen Evans
215 posts
Apr 13, 2017
8:34 AM
Lately, I purchased a couple from Joe Spiers. Treated myself!
My Crossovers; Thunderbirds and Super 64 have come from Jeff Wilson at https://wilsonmusic.ca here in Ontario Canada. He's a class act when it comes to customer service. He opens each Crossover and makes sure they'll play correctly out of the box! If you blow a reed, he'll fix it and tune the harp for $25 and turnaround is speedy. Hand's down there is no harp business better than Jeff in Canada. (Sorry Chris L) And when I am in Florida for the winter, I do my business with Rockin' Ron who is unmatched for service in the USA.
Lastly, I'll put in a plug for a friend of mine here in Ottawa. Michael Mitchell. Mike customizes Hohner Marine Band harps in a very special way. They play as smooth as butter and sound as good as you'd expect. He built me a Low F# Crossover with Meisterklasse reed plates. Oh hell yeah! Check him out, you will be pleased. https://www.facebook.com/mikemitchellharmonica/
45 posts
Apr 13, 2017
8:58 AM
Another vote for Rockin Ron, for all the reasons mentioned, plus Ron and Gary Lehmann are both San Diego based so I can buy from Ron and Gary can retune my Manji's to "Compromise Just" so it saves me a step - when I receive the Manji it's tuned the way I want. Since we're all on the West Coast, turn around is great.

Another good source is NewHarmonica.com. I have bought from Danny G at SPAH and online. Very nice guy with good service & pricing.
396 posts
Apr 13, 2017
9:03 AM
Generally I buy from Rockin' Ron's. His prices may not always be the lowest, but they're comparable to everyone else. The primary reason I keep going back to him is his customer service. It's the best I've ever seen (for any business, not just harps). Integrity is worth a lot.

On occasion I'll pick something up off Amazon if it's a special deal, and once in a great while I'll take a flyer on a used Ebay harp (usually to tinker on or experiment with . . . reed shaping, etc)
Popculture Chameleon
197 posts
Apr 13, 2017
9:57 AM
anyone use guitar center for there harps or chromatics? anyone heard of horror stories from their or success stories
2924 posts
Apr 13, 2017
10:05 AM
I bought many harps from rockin ron....some are custom built and have bought many vintage marine bands on ebay
2294 posts
Apr 14, 2017
1:50 PM
Rockin Rons ... all day.

Ron is a killer guy to do buisness with. He'll help you out whenever he can.
Free shipping even on a single screw.
You may be able to save a buck or two buying elsewhere on SOME things. But rons prices are always good and fair.

If you check the guitar center website for example. You may see that a certain harp is $10 cheaper than rons. But if you look closer ... guitar Center only discounts certain keys. So while a Bb or an Ab may be $10 cheaper at GC, the other keys are $25 more. Plus GC doesn't have free shipping. So there went your $10.

And on top of all that, I just like supporting Rons buisness. Guitar Center has enough money.

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627 posts
Apr 15, 2017
10:35 PM
I buy most things from rockin Ron's.best harp buying possible!!i build most harps out of parts.

I buy some parts from harp depot ,Andrew Zajac and blue moon.

I buy some harmonicas from south street sounds , in Philadelphia.

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50 posts
Apr 18, 2017
9:51 AM
Popculture - I agree with Killa_Hertz about not using Guitar Center. I was watching a video on slide guitar the other day and the person being interviewed noted the difference between "slide guitar players who can play lead" and "lead players who can play slide" - the different feeling to the way the former plays slide. I think it's much the same in your case, Ron's being a harmonica focused retailer who also sells some other music stuff. Ron treats customers as valued clients with great service and good prices. I always feel like I'm just a number at Guitar Center.
6 posts
Apr 20, 2017
7:48 AM
nice topic, i never shopped at ron's site!! i think i have to now, looks great and i like all these recommendations!

I play mostly Bushman harps, but man alive i can't order directly from them because i don't know when i am going to get my order. He's still sitting on one of mine from Nov of last year! The owner is good to call me and explain things but just hard nowadays to put up with sloppy order fulfillment when all these others can have something to you in 48-36 hrs and free shipping to boot.
2 posts
Apr 20, 2017
8:28 PM
MR. Music, 128 Harvard Ave, Boston, MA....Only local retailer to carry all keys of Marine Band, Blues Harp, Special 20, and Golden Melody..also Lee Oskar. I use mostly Golden Melody harmonicas.
2162 posts
Apr 20, 2017
10:05 PM
I have a customer who wanted an SCX-48 in G retuned to the Paddy tuning, lowering holes 4 and 8 a minor third.
But we had none in stock!
So I ordered one on Tuesday from RR, it arrived today.
What a silly story . . .
Glass Harp Full
171 posts
Apr 20, 2017
10:27 PM
I mainly buy from MandoHarp because of the good selection and free shipping within Australia. I sometimes buy from local music stores but there's less choice of makes and models, and very occasionally buy from Amazon if I can't find what I want anywhere else.
81 posts
Apr 21, 2017
11:22 AM
I get mine direct from Seydel. It usually takes about a week. Ultra prompt notification and UPS tracked. I've just ordered some plates and a Big 6. Plus, you always get loads of free stickers!
700 posts
Apr 21, 2017
12:43 PM
Rockin Ron's and Joe Spiers
I have bought from Thomann in Europe when the $ to Euro was favorable. I bought a bunch of MBD for 51$ a while back and a CX12 for much less than the states.
I bought a 270 chromatic deluxe from Antony Dannecker in the Uk . Excellent value as it is set up to play.
Blue Moon and Brendan Power are also excellent.
1066 posts
Apr 21, 2017
12:57 PM
In Canada, I've found Harmonicaland to be most economical, except for the odd sale on Amazon.ca.
222 posts
Apr 21, 2017
2:19 PM
Seydel harps: via Rupert Oysler, Asheville North Carolina USA.
10 posts
Apr 21, 2017
8:02 PM
Same place I buy most things from: Amazon. I used to sometimes buy from eBay but not so much anymore. I made the mistake of trying to save a few bucks by buying from a seller in Japan on eBay but never again. I think I got second quality harmonicas and there is nothing I can do about it. If I had got them from Amazon or one of these other U.S. sellers I'd be able to return or exchange them, but then again in that case I probably wouldn't have gotten second quality harmonicas in the first place!

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