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Harp Depot is DISCONTINUING all Bushman Products
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Feb 08, 2009
4:59 PM
Harp Depot is DISCONTINUING all Bushman Products

I just noticed this on the Harp Depot home page.....

"The harmonicas and ukuleles listed below are Bushman products. We are selling them on a close-out sale because we are discontinuing carrying Bushman products. Over the years we have been in business, 98% of all of our customer complaints have involved Bushman products. Even when we pay for Bushman products in advance, we still do not receive them as promised. Should Bushman's situation ever change, we would be willing to reconsider. Meanwhile, this is your opportunity to purchase Bushman products at great close-out

Well it's about time! There have been so many complaints about the Bushman harmonica company regarding their practice of taking orders (and money) from retail cutomers without shipping. Now it has spread to the Bushman re-sellers. Here it is in black and white, right on the Harp Depot home page...

"Even when we pay for Bushman products in advance, we still do not receive them as promised."

I am sure there are people reading this who had similar delivery problems with Bushman. You place and PAY for your order, and wait endlessly for the shipment to arrive. You are put off or IGNORED when you inquire. Some people may relate their experiences here. Forevery one who does, there are probably 5-10 more in a similar boat who do not.

Check these recent threads...




Yet Bushman continues to take new orders and hold customer's money. They put you and others off for as long as possible. What happens if they go out of business in the
meantime? Do you think you will get your money back? I doubt it. And with the American economy in the shape it's in and people holding back on spending as they are, do you think people are rushing out to buy harmonicas? Bushman is obviously in financial trouble. Why take a chance and let them hold and use your money for months on end? You could get "burned".

Imagine this. A company takes loads of orders with credit cards to finance the purchase of inventory they do not have. They put off the customers until the inventory arrives and then after advertising and other expenses hopefully a profit is realized. Any shortfall is made up
by screwing some customers and suppliers. If that isn't enough, another round of order taking without shipping proceeds. Almost sounds like a Ponzi scheme. Don't laugh. This is how many small struggling businesses finance themselves. They dont have a "line of credit" at the bank. YOU are their line of credit. It's a "dog eat dog" world out there now with the american economy going down the drain and this is how some companies try to survive.

My conclusion.....

Avoid the Bushman company entirely. Their "Delta Frost" harmonica is nothing more than the Suzuki Bluesmaster with the inferior Bushman covers. The Bluesmaster is the SAME as Delta Frost, but more comfortable to play, cheaper, and AVAILABLE from numerous
harmonica dealers.
Chris Jones
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Feb 08, 2009
5:45 PM
Harp Depot is complaining about poor customer service?LMAO. Seems like good medicine for them.
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Feb 09, 2009
5:51 AM
from what i have read on the forums, harp depot is having problems no matter what the product. it sounds to me as if they are trying to deflect some of there problems elsewhere. i never understood ordering things from the middleman when it can be avoided.

your links give us 3 examples, which doesnt seem that bad of a track record. 1 of those examples was 11 days which isnt very long. 1 was from 2005 and is such a long time i would think there is some other problem (such as a lost order?).

it seems to me this is a case of you being dissatisfied. if you called john at bushman, which others have done when an order is pending, he will explain the delay and make it right. he seems all about making a customer happy.
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Feb 09, 2009
6:37 AM
I'll add my 2 cents here, i placed an order with Bushman, and it took over 14 months and i still did receive all the goods.

I love the harps but have given up on ever trying to deal with them again.

There is a lot more to my story but no point going into all.

I've since switched to the Suzuki's as noted above!
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Feb 09, 2009
12:21 PM
I recieved an order for 4 harps recently. I received 3 and about 3 weeks later received the 4th. SLOW and took about 2 months for complete transaction to be completed. But I do like Delta Frost harps. I ordered harps as back-ups so didn't need them quickly.
Might try the Suzuki Blues Masters next.
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Feb 09, 2009
1:31 PM
A few months ago, I ordered a couple of Bushmans from coast2coast music because I wanted to try them out and recieved them within three days. According to their site, they seem to have plenty of keys available right now.
Having tried the Bushmans, I decided I prefer the Special 20s. To me, the Hohners have much better bendability.
(Better bendablilty. Say that five times fast.)
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Feb 12, 2009
2:22 AM
I have dealt with Harp Depot in the past when the A$ was comparable with the US$ and I had great service. Never ordered a Bushman product as they are unheard of here but with Suzuki, Harp Depots service was great.
the frozen canuck
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Feb 26, 2009
9:02 AM
A quick thanks to bluzlvr on the tip about coast2coast ,here in canada we don`t have acess to any bushman products so i was thrilled to be able to order a couple of harps to try.I did try to call bushman w/no luck at speaking to a human .they shouldbe here on monday as stated via e-mail. THANK AGAIN
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Feb 26, 2009
2:54 PM
I had called Bushman for a question and spoke directly to John - owner. He was quite helpful. Got him on he first call there. They make a nice harp in the Delta Frost but you need to be consistent.

Dan M
36 posts
Feb 26, 2009
3:11 PM
Looks like Bushman has learned from Harp Depot...
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Feb 26, 2009
5:06 PM
Bushman and Doc from Harp Depot are long time friends. Bushman recently announced that they sold the rights to their 2nd model "Soul's Voice" to Harp Depot so they (Bushman) can concentrate on their flagship "Delta Frost"
HD will sell the SV under a new name. The SV is tuned like a MB but play like a Delta, couldn't be better for some people.

One last word about Bushman... people who are a member of the Bushman forum know.... it's a small fast growing company, with all the problems that come with that, but John (the owner) is a stand up guy and he takes care of his customers
DutchBones Tube
169 posts
Feb 27, 2009
12:17 PM
The Soul's Voice is made by Seydel and the Delta Frost is made in the same Chinese factories where the mass produced Suzukis are made (witness the phosphor bronze plates and spot welded reeds which are found in suzuki harps, but otherwise, rather suspiciously, only on the Delta Frost.)
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Dec 17, 2011
6:10 PM
I've waited 1 year 6 months to get my harps from Bushman. Bushman is a small company that doesn't have the business systems in place to keep up with demand. John offered me a refund at anytime during the waiting period. I received the harmonicas today and despite the long service the harmonicas sound great. No complaints on the quality of the harmonicas! So if you don't mind waiting i recommend going with them.
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Dec 17, 2011
6:25 PM
yeah ,I waited for harps for more than an year , they took the money when I placed the order , delivered when they felt like it ...I give up on Bushman long time ago .
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Dec 17, 2011
7:37 PM
jaybird, would you please post the exact webpage that this message is on. i have checked an can't find it on doc's multiple web sites.
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Dec 17, 2011
8:07 PM
it sounds like the rants should have been about harp depot here. last time i tried buying from them the wait was way too long so i cancelled the order. since it was a hering chromatic, when it came in several months later they conveniently "forgot" that i cancelled and sent it on and charged my card anyway. other times i would call and call to try and order harps and never get an answer. so i gave up on harp depot about 8 years ago.
there have been a time or 2 i didn't get anyone when calling bushman but by and large i have in fact gotten either john or a staffer, the order was taken and paid, and most usually i got my order within mere days of payment.
admittedly though, i am not faithful to a single brand and am always trying different harps. the best service i've gotten anyplace on anything i ordered was with rockin' ron. he is a business hero as far as i'm concerned.

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Dec 17, 2011
8:26 PM
@Clyde - it was there about a week ago. It looks like they updated their website and removed that page about Bushman and another one about John Hall.

Here is a page detailed my experiences with Bushman and John Hall. Several other folks have chimed in with similar experiences. Personally, I avoid them. When i order harps, I want to receive them in a timely fashion.
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Dec 17, 2011
9:03 PM
I ordered 2 harps from Bushman. After sever weeks passed, I wrote a polite (rather firm--yet still polite) email. I had the harps the next week.

Rockin' Ron (The Online Harmonica Shipping King) has also dropped Bushman harps.

I like both of my Delta Frosts. I'm having a hard time whether or not to include them in my Super Harp Downsizing Sale. Keep posted to see the deals.

Just when I got a paddle, they added more water to the creek.
NiteCrawler .
149 posts
Dec 18, 2011
5:24 AM
I recently read on the Bushman site that they had a sale on certain key reed plates(complete sets)for half price which were $8.a pop.Two keys I needed for replacements were E and F.I ordered two of each,called and got John on the phone.I ordered them on a Friday and recieved them one week later for a total of $32..I guess I got lucky,but for complete reedplates(4 sets) for that price I,m pretty stoked.I wish they had other keys for that #.On another note yrs back I ordered four separate DF,s A,Bf,C,D and the D was on backorder,approx.three weeks later and John sent me a nice four harp leather case for the inconvenience.Pretty stand up if you ask me,and the harps are decent for the price.They were actually if I remember right one of the first co.s that offered replacable reedplates,and at a reasonable price.
Tommy the Hat
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Dec 18, 2011
6:16 AM
"Rockin' Ron (The Online Harmonica Shipping King) has also dropped Bushman harps."

When Rockin Rons stopped selling Delta Frosts he said on his webpage that it wasn't his decision.


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Dec 18, 2011
6:37 AM
i recall reading several months ago (on the bushman forum) that they were not going to sell though second parties any more. it is my understanding that harp depot was selling down old stock.

just one note to anyone who has paid for anything with a credit card. if you don't get it in a timely manner....just call the card company and they will make sure you get your money back. it is really pretty simple.
136 posts
Dec 18, 2011
7:01 AM
@jbird - Do you have a link to the Harp Depot site where you saw the post that says they are no longer selling Bushman products? I went to their site and didn't see it...It looks to me like you can order Bushman Deltafrost harps no problem.
2123 posts
Dec 18, 2011
7:56 AM
@Kingbiscuit: Check the posting date! It's nearly three years since Jaybird first posted this. A lot can change in 3 years.

I was just wondering the other day what harp players used to whinge about before the B-Rad. Now I remember!

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196 posts
Dec 18, 2011
9:24 AM
well i never noticed the date thanks mrverylongusername....i thought all of these problems had been taken care of.
Tommy the Hat
510 posts
Dec 18, 2011
9:29 AM
LOL...The date is the first thing I check on any thread/post I read. Experience! Actually in the last few weeks there have been a few of these resurrected "old" threads that I suspect the poster may have done a search but neglected to note the date. It happens.

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1092 posts
Dec 18, 2011
9:41 AM
LOL yeah I do that too.

...but still makes a sensation :-D


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137 posts
Dec 18, 2011
4:52 PM
LOL...sorry, it was early after a couple of late nights in a row! No wonder I didn't see that on the web site!
519 posts
Dec 19, 2011
5:47 AM
Dewey Wins! Oh, sorry, old news.
Brendan Power
180 posts
Dec 21, 2011
6:30 PM
It's amazing the ignorance and disinformation that persists about Bushman harps - a lot of it down to their clever but misleading website information.

They are NOT a harmonica manufacturer and never have been. They just sell re-branded Seydel (Souls Voice) and Suzuki (Delta Frost) harps.

On the Suzuki side, the DF is just a Bluesmaster with Harpmaster style covers. Now that the Harpmaster has phosphor bronze reeds (previously it had brass reeds) it is identical to the Delta Frost bar the name and tiny details on the covers.

And to Mr Longusername etc who claim the Suzuki welded-reed reedplates of the DF Bluesmaster, Harpmaster etc are made in China, with respect you're flat out wrong!

ALL welded-reed Suzuki reedplates are made in Japan. I've stated that several times before on this forum, how come the fallacy persists?

Like Hohner, Suzuki does have some cheap branded harps made in China, the two 10 hole models being the super-budget beginner harps Easy Rider and Folkmaster. That's it - end of story.
131 posts
Dec 21, 2011
6:40 PM
Brendan, you say that the cheap Suzuki harmonicas, like the Folkmaster, are made in China. But the other harps with the welded-reed reedplates are made in Japan.
Why does the Folkmaster I own have welded reeds?

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Brendan Power
181 posts
Dec 21, 2011
6:49 PM
@REM: The very early Folkmaster harps (from the 1980s) were made by Suzuki in Japan with welded reeds. They were great harps! I played them a lot in New Zealand in my early days; they were my first introduction to Suzuki harps. They had a solid red plastic comb and similar covers to the current Folkmaster.

I suspect that your Folkmaster dates from that time?

At some point Suzuki decided to shift production of the Folkmaster to China, and it is now a typical Chinese-made 10 hole with riveted reeds and a light injection-moulded comb. Not as good as it used to be but suitable for beginners on a budget.
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Dec 21, 2011
7:11 PM
Brendan - its probably because the owner of Bushman has a legion of fan boys who continue to spread the myth about a "unique reed set up recipe".

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1628 posts
Dec 21, 2011
8:45 PM
all i know about delta frosts is that i have never gotten a bad one.
as to what materials it uses or where it is made, who cares?
i just want a consistently playable harp.
Tommy the Hat
520 posts
Dec 22, 2011
4:21 AM
Yea, I like the DF and was upset when I couldn't get them any longer. But then I found the Suzuki Harpmaster.

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Dec 22, 2011
12:59 PM
.....I am surprised that anyone has ever received anything from them. I have a $575.+ open order with them from June '11 with no explanation.
138 posts
Dec 22, 2011
2:22 PM
@brendan - When the harp master switch to phosphor bronze reeds? The Suzuki web site still lists them as brass.


I actually liked the DF and knowing that the Harp Master is identical, I might buy them in the future.

1629 posts
Dec 22, 2011
3:24 PM
mercedes- with all the harps being shipped recently, perhaps you should call and ask where's yours.
1677 posts
Dec 22, 2011
4:33 PM
@Mercedes - i would call the credit card company and ask for a refund...

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Dec 22, 2011
6:24 PM
I just purchased 2 DF's and a PA from Bushman without a hitch. And I would do it again. That's all I'm saying.
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Dec 24, 2011
1:05 AM
jbone wrote: "the best service i've gotten anyplace on anything i ordered was with rockin' ron. he is a business hero as far as i'm concerned."


Just wanted to chime in in support of Rockin' Ron. I quit buying harps anywhere else. He's the best. Competitive prices, and amazing customer service.

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1631 posts
Dec 24, 2011
5:27 AM
20 complaints to BBB in 3 years?
doesnt sound too bad.

i find if you call bushman and talk with john hall there are no issues.
671 posts
Jan 27, 2012
8:04 AM
Just thought I'd mention it since I saw it just now...

harpdepot has the DF on clearance now for $24 a harp. I may snag a couple just so I can say I've tried them.

Hawkeye Kane
1703 posts
Jan 27, 2012
8:37 AM
if you buy them from john hall at bushman shipping is free.
just ask him what keys he has for immediate delivery.

i would hesitate before buying ANYTHING from harpdepot. they aint got the best track record for even the most common harps.
117 posts
Jan 27, 2012
9:44 AM
.....Today, I was told by "Lee" that my items weren't ever coming. I should mention that they weren't diatonic harps. I have canceled my order.

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