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Jun 04, 2011
6:59 AM
Hi guys, i am in the process of putting a perfoming and busking rig together and am looking at pedals, i am interested in the Lone Wolf Harpbreak pedal but it is £117.00 in the uk which is a lot of cash to me.
I have found another pedal called the Danelectro Fab Overdrive which is only £30.00 and i was wondering if anyone has experience of either of the above.
I am after a real gritty aggresive overdriven sound and i feel like i am past halfway there so any help here would be great. Cheers Geordie.
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Jun 04, 2011
7:11 AM
Try the ART Tube MP. It's not a pedal but a very compact preamp. EXTREMELY harp friendly and very inexpensive.
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Jun 04, 2011
8:01 AM
Hi Geordie,
I would not buy a Fab Overdrive they are cheap and sound real nasty (wasp in a jar).
Are you are looking for an overdrive sound or something that breaks up your amp sound at low volumes?

The Lone Wolf HarpBreak will do that for you and I think its worth the money but ask your self a question.

Do you really need it as you can get alot of natural break up in your playing with good technique.

I searched long and hard for the overdrive sound and have tried at my expense lots of pedals that give good overdrive for harp and was dissapointed with the market choice.

I have a LW HB and have found it a good choice with small tube amps and solid state amps(Marble Max, Blues Junior) but not so good with the 4x10 tube amps (Bassman and Sonny)

Though I have heard that its quite good in a Pedal friendly HG50 but after 4 years of playing developing, I can get all the break up overdive I need from learning to play (dirty)in the first place.

If I was you I would go with your harps and a set of good quality headphones into a music shop.

Most of them have a pedal boards on the wall with loads of pedals to try so you can get an idea of what sounds you are after. Thats what I did and I learnt alot about whats good for guitar can be good for harp but in the main I would say most are not good for harp.

The Pedals I have settled on are:

Boss DD3 delay - recommended by Adam in an early vid
I would like to try an Analogue delay.

Boss RV5 reverb - great pedal for chrom and slow blues.
I would like to try the holy grail

LW Harp break - Great for small amps better on solid state amps IMHO - I tried a LW Harp attack but did not get on with the processed sound so sold it.

Micro pog - got this for fun and its great for playing in F an octave down as a Low F is can be hard to get heard on the band stand if the band is loud.
Tried a Boss OC2 but was dissapointed with its tracking.

If you pay for postage both ways I can send my Harpbreak up to you to try for a month or so?

I cant say fairer than that from one Geordie to another.




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Jun 04, 2011
8:25 AM
Hey Russ, that's a really kind offer mate! i would be really chuffed to do that if you post it up to me i will pay you the cost i did something similar last year with a guy in ireland and payed his postage through Paypal, he set that up though cos i am a bit of a luddite!.
Why don't you Email me off the forum and we can try and sort something out.
Thanks again Geordie.
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Jun 04, 2011
9:16 AM

Click on my profile in the left hand column of this post and you will find my email.

Drop me a line and then I will have yours.

Cant find yours


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Jun 04, 2011
9:40 AM
I don't know one pedal from the next, but the other day I played into my little Park amp using a Bose DS-1 guitar distortion pedal and a Shure SM58 mic and I really really liked the sound.

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