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Brazilian Bends Harmonica
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8 posts
May 05, 2011
4:17 AM
Been seeing some really good videos of them.
Has anybody tried them yet?
If so what are your thoughts?

544 posts
May 05, 2011
4:34 AM

I have a Bends "Juke" in C. Hardly played. You're welcome to have a go.

9 posts
May 05, 2011
7:37 AM
Ok where do you live? haha
I take it as you didnt like it?
62 posts
May 05, 2011
9:13 AM
There's a fair amount on Bends in the archive. Just use the search page.

Bends have always been pretty scarce on the ground and they're going to get scarcer now that they are going out of business. Too bad.

928 posts
May 05, 2011
12:41 PM
I think Bends are no more. I'm sure the company have decided to call it quits hence the rock bottom sale on Bends harps via Santos music who were the European Distributors.

I picked up a Juke model in Ab and it wasn't much cop.the packaging was nice but harp wasn't great.

I think some MBH members had better luck with the Bends Chromatics.

1690 posts
May 05, 2011
3:50 PM
I bought their Tonica Chromatic. It's excellent - plays smoother than my CX12.

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