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simon skibdal
Feb 12, 2016
12:38 AM
Hey everyone!
My name is Simon and I am 19 years old. I just started playing the harmonica, and I am pretty stuck with a song. I would love if somebody out there could help me out :)
this is a link for the song, and yes it is only 6-7 notes in the beginning and in the end of the son :)
19 posts
Aug 01, 2017
12:30 PM
Hi Simon, in fact there is only two different notes (F & C) played on harmonica in this "Death man's boots" song. Harmonica is played only during a long F chord at the beginning and at the end of this song. This could have been played originally with chromatic harmonica but diatonic will do as well. To play exactly same way you need a LF harp so F-low ie. one octave lower tuning than usual F. And the beginning goes F C C'_C' so that two last C' are octave higher than the first C and _ means that they are played almost together. And as holes this goes: All are blow notes/holes: 1 3 6_6 and the end "riff" is even easier because there is only three first notes so holes 1 3 and 6 blow like in the beginning. Of cause you can found these two notes in meny harps for ex. F-harps "brother" harp key Bb this goes -=drew, += plow: -2 -4 -8 And fine that you as a beginner have taken maybe easiest song in the world where is harmonica to start with, mara

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