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Jam night favourites
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Nov 27, 2016
8:54 AM
Hi all, I am just wondering what people's favourite tunes are if they go to a blues jam night and what songs they think go down well with the audience. I have only just recently started to get the confidence to get up and have a go so am looking for some ideas. I did hoodoo man blues last week and that seemed to go down really well. Cheers
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Nov 27, 2016
12:42 PM
Two things:
#1- Pick tunes that you can play well. Remember that, even if you can play a song well at home to a jam track, you might not be able to play it in a live setting (where the other musicians might play things differently and not give you the auditory cues you might expect). It's better to play something well, with feeling and dynamics, than to play a poor version of a really difficult tune.
#2- I like to pick things that break up the routine. At too many jams, it's a stream of shuffles. I like to call tramps and rhumbas, or something with easy breaks.

I'm admittedly limited, but for instrumentals, I like to call Cleo's Mood or Lick Train (David Barrett tune). For vocals, I like Crosscut Saw or In Love with My Baby (Aki Kumar).
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