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OctaChroms - BloThru Octave Chromatics
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Brendan Power
616 posts
Jun 29, 2017
12:57 PM
The rich octave sound, two reeds playing together an octave apart, is one of the most appealing free-reed tonalities. It’s never been available on slider chromatics before - but now it is, in two types. My unique OctaChrom and patent-pending OctaChrom Selectable are constructed of two chromatics inline behind a single mouthpiece.

Check out the video to hear them in action:

More info here:
1784 posts
Jul 15, 2017
5:29 AM
1389 posts
Jul 17, 2017
12:47 PM
I had a lot of fun playing the selectable version during Brendan's California visit last month.

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