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Danelectro Back Talk, Reverse Delay, CLIPPING
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Apr 20, 2017
7:23 AM
OK, so I sat with the Danelectro Back Talk pedal awhile. This pedal is like my Boss DM-2: it is unacceptably expensive but has SOMETHING that translates the exact tone I hear in my head. The really big - and possibly fatal - issue I have is with CLIPPING. Hiccuping. If I lay out a long note, it clips, regardless of how long the SPEED is set, regardless of long the REPEATS are set. It's a rather treble-y pop, and it's not great. I plugged my guitar through it - no problem. I plugged my Cigar Box Guitar into it - no problem. What causes this with harp? Is there a defense against it? Thank you, fellow mouth-people.

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