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NOTE: If you'd like to be a member of this forum, please register.  Please register ONLY ONCE.  You will get an automated response saying your application has been accepted, but since we hand approve each application to fight spam, you won't be able to log in right away.  You will receive a second email telling you that you have been approved within 24-48 hours.  If you don't hear from us after that, contact membership on the contact page.  Also: since we recive a lot of spambot membership requests, please try to choose handles that don't closely resemble typical spam, i.e., trademarked male potency drugs, luxury watches, etc.  If you chose LeVitraRolex, for example, we will reject your application.  (On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with sex-drenched handles per se, and you're welcome to use them, especially if they have an obvious blues referent: Blacksnake Brown, CrawlingKingsnake, etc.) Thanks! 

This is a very lightly moderated forum in which registered members may freely exchange thoughts, tips, and useful insights about any and all harp-related topics.  (The occasional off-topic thread is OK, and should be marked "OT," but please be sparing in this regard.)  Beginners welcome!  You do not need to play the harmonica well to contribute to the dialogue.  This forum values the wisdom of novices and old-timers alike.    

A quick word about board etiquette:  the phrase "freely exchange" above carries with it a burden of responsibility.  Please assume that your fellow board members, including me, are well-intentioned.  Treat them civilly.  The golden rule is a good guide.  We come here to share information, conspire with like-minded others, educate ourselves, cheer each other on, and maybe help each other deal skillfully with the rough changes that the blues-focused life can sometimes put us through.  Vigorous, passionate conversation is fine.  But please refrain from flaming, insulting, or otherwise impugning the intelligence or good intentions of your fellow board members, or from starting threads that seek to encourage that sort of behavior.  Religion is one topic where we have, unfortunately, proven our inability to remain civil or respect each other's differences.  Accordingly, threads containing the word "religion" or variants on that word, and/or threads devoted explicitly to discussions of religion are BANNED FROM THIS FORUM until further notice.

Please also note:  although conversation about blues harmonica and related issues is not something that should be subject to the hectoring of the Nanny State, neither is this forum a men's locker room in which casual (or intentional) ethnic or racial slurs, anti-gay rants, nationalist cant, pointed and sustained use of four-letter words, and/or misogynist diatribes are welcome.  (If you've got an occasional gripe about the missus or the hubby, of course, that's legit, but again:  be sparing.)  Some of us are black.  Some of us are white.  Some of us are Asian.  Some of us are mixed.  Some of us hail from countries other than America, or have family who do.  Some of us are interracially married.  Some of us are gay.  All of us share a love for blues harmonica, and that is what brings us here to share a space in which we can express that love.  This forum has a one-warning rule on such matters.  It shouldn't be hard to figure out what that means.  Share the love.

On extremely rare occasions, when confronted with flagrant and/or repeat violations of board etiquette, I reserve the King's divine right to banish wrongdoers from the kingdom.  Please don't be evil.

As Big Walter once said, Have a good time!

        --Adam Gussow (aka, "kudzurunner")


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